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thumbnail head and shoulders Andrew (42) was born in Newcastle and has lived in Heaton for nearly 10 years. He works in a local library, where he also acts as a Trade Union caseworker and negotiator, in particular for hourly-paid (casualised/zero hours) staff. He has been involved in many community campaigns, including the BAN Waste citizens' select committee in Newcastle. He is an active CND member and helped blockade the nuclear bomb factory at Aldermaston this February. He is also an unpaid director of a not-for-profit software company and a keen allotment gardener.


Rogue's gallery
Link to some photos of myself, which print media are welcome to use for the purposes of reporting on 2010 elections.
Detailed biog
A more detailed biographical section follows further down the page.
Links to letters written to the Journal concerning ticket barriers at Central Station, development of LEAF electric cars by Nissan, polluted minewaters - learning from Cornwall, the Digital Economy Bill .
Personal links
Some random older info on what I have done is on the 2002 Albemarle citizens' inspection site, and last year's Walk for Democracy pages.
Green Party links

Detailed biographical info

Here I will compile more detailed (and less 'spun') info on myself, for those who want to know more.

Early years
Born 1968 in Newcastle General Hospital. Bought up in Northumberland, but childhood should be kept out of politics!
Privately educated in Winchester (Hampshire), first degree from Cambridge University (classics), Masters from London (archive studies)
Career (the paid bit)
Archivist, working in local government (Cornwall), then higher education sector (Durham)

Andrew Gray, 22nd April 2010